A Los Angeles based Latin salsa, urban hip-hop and jazz-funk group. Made up of Raúl "El Bully" Pacheco, Ulises Bella, Jiro Yamaguchi, Jose "Crunchy" Espinosa, Cut Chemist, Wil-Dog, William "Echo" Marrufo, Pablo Castorena, Justin "Niño" Porée, Asdru Sierra and Chali 2na. They formed in the early 90's and mostly played local clubs. They released their self titled album in 1998.

I saw them once in the early days, and never though anything of it. Recently they toured with Korn(I beleive) and my friends saw them when they played at my school. I took the time to listen to some of their latest live stuff and was blown away. Not enough to pay the $30 ticket to see them(and proceed to ignore Korn for the rest of the night). My friends thought they sucked but said Korn ruled. I haven't talked to those friends in a long time.