The rules not explained above are not the non-standard standard Cambridge rules, and this set here isn't either:

Armitage, Brewster, Crow, Derleth and Exham sit down to play Mao.

A: You have five cards. Follow suit or number. The game starts now, on the dealer's left.
B plays the five of diamonds.
C follows it with the five of spades.

A: Failure to say 'five of spades'.
A hands C a card.
A hands C another card.

A: Repeated failure to say 'five of spades'!
C: Bugger. Five of spades.
A: Ungentlemanly conduct. Talking.
A gives C two more cards.
D plays the seven of spades, saying
'Seven of spades. Have a nice day.'
E: Taking a penalty card. He takes two cards.
A plays the ten of spades, saying
'ten of spades'.
A hands C a card, saying
'Failure to play'.
C plays the ten of diamonds, saying 'ten of diamonds'.
D: Talking. He gives C a card.
E plays the eight of diamonds.
D plays the eight of hearts.
E plays a joker, saying
'That's the badger! Ace of spades, ace of spades, clubs.'
C looks very blank.
A plays the three of clubs.
B plays the ace of clubs.
D shouts
C looks very shrewd and plays a joker, saying 'That's the badger. Jack of spades.'
A grins wickedly, hands C a card and says 'Failure to say Jack of Spades.'
C: But I DID say 'Jack of Spades'.
A: Point of Order. If you claim you said Jack of Spades, take a card for not calling the wild card. If you claim you called the wild card, my call stands. End of Point of Order.
C: Jack of Spades.
D plays the jack of hearts.
E plays the jack of clubs.
A plays the eight of clubs.
E plays the seven of clubs, and says
'Have a nice day!'
D plays the seven of diamonds and says 'Have a very nice day. Last card.'
C plays the four of diamonds.
A hands him a card, saying
'Failure to take a penalty card and state that you are doing so.'
C: Taking a penalty card. He does so.
B plays the three of diamonds.
A plays the eight of diamonds, saying
'Last card'.
B plays the six of diamonds.
C plays the ten of diamonds.
D plays the nine of diamonds, proclaiming
A: Playing out of turn. Taking the name of our leader in vain. Lying. Cheating. Ungentlemanly conduct. A deals D a full hand of five cards.
E plays the queen of diamonds...

And so it goes on...