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I was originally active on E2 circa 2001-2004 CE. In addition to creating about 300 writeups and sponsoring a Quest to node car engine parts, I was heavily involved with this site socially. I went to several nodermeets, hosted a couple of my own, and became good friends with several noders in the United States Midwest (there were even some romances involved).

The end of my period of heavy involvement with E2 roughly coincided with my being diagnosed with a disability. It took me more than a decade to recover from that disability to reach the point of being able to function in society, and even longer to be able to thrive. These experiences have given me a perspective on life that I would like to believe is somewhat rare. Would hearing about it be useful to you? Probably not, or let’s just say I have my doubts.

However, I have recently (2019) decided to create some more writeups, and to revise and update the handful that I thought worth preserving before I “quit.” My future involvement with the site is very much TBD. In any case, I’ll be holding my cards a lot closer to my chest this time around. But it’s good to be back, thanks for asking.

I hope you enjoy my contributions to this writing community!