Armitage the movie is actually called Armitage III: Poly-Matrix. The english-dubbed version of the Japanese anime has Elizabeth Berkley (from Showgirls) as Naomi Armitage and Keifer Sutherland (Donald Sutherland's kid, appeared in A Few Good Men) as Ross Sylibus. Ross sounds like he's overdosed on valium, and Naomi sounds like she's on speed. The movie was directed and created by Hiroyuki Ochi.

Naomi is not human. She is a "third" type of artificial human (hence the title Armitage III). Ross is a human who is assigned to Mars in 2179AD.

The second types of robots were made to do the menial tasks for humans. The third types were created to totally mimic humans, and are illegal. One man, Rene D'anclaude, declares war on the thirds, and the massacre begins. It turns out some of the most creative humans were third types, including famous country-western stars and authors. Ross and Naomi investigate the killings.

Ross has major problems with artificial humans because his old partner was killed by one. He finds out later that Naomi is an artificial, and he starts to re-evaluate his thoughts on them. As he gets beat, shot and blown up throughout the movie, he has artificial parts added to his body. He is becoming more like the artificials every day. The movie tracks the changes in both the characters through one adventure after another. The animation is planned and executed well. It is not as philosophic as Ghost in the Shell or Grave of the Fireflies, but it is a highly recommended piece of art. Dhericean notes that Armitage III was a 4-part OAV, and they were combined and expanded to create the movie version. See also Armitage III for this information.

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