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mission drive within everything
Fight knowledge in the style of Cecil Adams, World's Smartest Human.
Perl hacking. Linux advocacy/obsession. General geekyness (ask me about Heinlein!).
TANSTAAFL (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.) TMTOWTDI (There's More Than One Way To Do It.)
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Linux vs. Windows
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I live in Havre, Montana, USA, a little (okay, small-midsized) town in north-central Montana (which, for you furriners, is a state in the north of the Continental US). I lived in the Midwest once (Missouri and Illinois), but I try to repress those memories. I am a skeptic, which means I accept nothing on faith. I am, therefore, an atheist. One exactly implies the other. Moving on, I'm a Libertarian, as they are the only politcal party with a true respect for individual liberties (property rights and all that flow from them) and freedoms (doing what you please as long as it harms nobody else). I want an immediate end to the war on drugs and the draft, and I'd like a Cray supercomputer and my own little island in the Northern Pacific while we're dreaming.