My Canada Reverie

On Thursdays I catch the bus to college around 10am. There's a guy who gets on a couple of stops after me, wearing a black baseball cap that says C*A*N*A*D*A across the front. It makes me wonder, did he get that cap from a second hand store, or has he been to Canada? Maybe he's from Canada. Every week I see this cap and I drift into a reverie.

Ever since I heard Joni Mitchell sing 'o-oh Can-a-da-ah!" on 'A Case of You', I knew I had to go. Maybe I heard that record at a suggestible age, because I feel the same about 'California'. I imagine the mountains, and the cold, and the forest and the lakes. I remember the Quebecoise girls I met in the South of France, who spoke their American English with a French accent, and their French with a Canadian accent...

I haven't missed my stop yet, but perhaps one day I will, and then when I wake up, maybe the bus will have driven all the way there.