I know it's a little late to be writing a daylog for September 11 2001. And I guess this might sound a bit shallow, I don't know if it wasn't going to or if it is now because I just said that. But anyway. September 11, 1982 at 7:28am I was born in New York City. I live in Vancouver, BC now. Yes when I got to school that morning at 8am all happy that it was my birthday, my friend tells me that we have no more World Trade Center. The reason why I didn't know was because I just moved out into an apartment and we don't have a tv yet so I thought he was kidding. But everybody in the class started talking about it and I was like what? This is so screwed up. Yay birthday present! *that is to be taken sarcastically*. I can just imagine all the people who have birthdays on Sept 11.

I didn't know what to make of it, I've never lived there, and I'm not a very kind person I suppose because I was just like bleh at first. But after seeing footage of people throwing themselves out the windows and everything I thought it was really horrible. I think I felt worse for the firemen who went in to save the people and the building suddenly collapsed. I hated the people saying "God works in mysterious ways" to explain things.

I think that everything is really bad and everything but I thought it was stupid when Bush said "We will hunt them down and punish them!" which I thought he should have phrased better instead of being a war hungry man like his father. Sigh, as I'm hearing all the speeches that's he's giving, it makes me laugh at how his secretaries have to fix it up later when they speak. And the other thing I hate is how they keep calling the people who crashed the planes cowards. I don't believe you're a coward if you have faith enough to kill yourself for a cause. I call that bravery. In this situation does that make me sound like a bad person? It takes guts to hijack a plane, fly it, and then crash it and kill yourself in the process. I just think it's horrible that all those people had to die in the hijacked planes, but I guess there was no other way the terrorist could get planes that large, and they needed those people to send a message I guess.

Sigh, everything's just really horrible right now, and especially the media that use to make fun of Bush, now suddenly making him look like a hero. Sigh, propoganda. They are at war I suppose. There was a woman at work who started crying saying "I don't understand how there could be so much hate in the world." I was just like, but there is, why do you think all the other things in history have happened? But I don't know, don't get me wrong or anything, it's not like I don't care, I do, my cousin lived right in Lower Manhattan and everyone was quite worried. As anyone should be who has family members or friends living in New York at the moment and I have quite a lot.

But, me being not as compassionate as everyone I guess, I just find everything being really stupid right now. Like how everyone is handling things, especially Bush. I don't know, I could just be biased right now, I never liked Bush. But then again I didn't like Gore either. It just really sucks for Bush because he's only been President for a short while and taking on something like this with all the pressure around you for people who want an answer for why this happened a lot of people would take the same route, but I don't think they would use the same words.