I think my friends know, I follow people yes, I might even be accused of being a stalker, but I'm not. I know I'm not cause I don't actually have any intentions whatsoever. Right guys?

Anyway, I went to my lecture today and was sorely disappointed when I realized that bike-girl wasn't there. I haven't been following her or anything, it's just that she seems to be everywhere I go. And not to mention almost ran me over with her bike two times. I think I may be obsessed.

I actually think that the girl is stalking me. I'm not even following her but I see her everywhere. The second time that she almost hit me I had left class two hours early and I was heading to my friend's dorm. Of course since she rides a bike I can't follow her. But for some reason I accidentally or fortunately found out where she was staying. I had my suspicions before but now they are confirmed.

So now she has my curiousity completely peaked for some reason, so I was just sad that she didn't show up in class today. Not to mention the fact that she sits with a friend and each day she is sucessfully closer to where I am sitting. But since she wasn't there today her friend moved back or was sitting where they had started which was farther away in the same row.

I feel that this is a somewhat creepy daylog. When I told my friend about this girl she and he and a bunch of others started screaming "Not AGAIN!" SIGH. It's not like I do it all the time!

I also made a new friend in class today. This time a girl in addition to the five guys that I have already made friends with named: Jonathan, Peter, Matthew, Mark, and Eli. Yes I find this very disturbing.

Oh it is also my bestfriend's b-day today! Yay! I got her Mulholland Drive I hope no one else got it for her!