It was strange I was with my best friends and cousins to go watch Pearl Harbour. My mom was there too and I had to sit with my mom while everyone else sat like two rows behind me. I haven't seen the movie, so basically the only big scenes I saw were from the trailer and anything made up in my head with the new actors re-enacting From Here to Eternity. Well the theater was really large but it was wierd because it was the theater in school I think.

Well after that everyone kind of disappeared except for one of my friends and we were heading to Star Bucks. So we got there and my uncle and aunt were there. My aunt was working, she owned the place and there was another teenager there who was making drinks as fast as she can. I order my Iced Chai Tea Latte that I get everyday and my friend gets her Mocha. My uncle comes up to me and tells us that we got there in time for the party (because we skipped the Church ceremony part). There were presents piled up in a corner and people started entering the store with more presents and putting them in the corner. I recognized one of the people who use to go to the same highschool with me, now we go to the same University but she's in my sister's grade. It was odd because I completely ignored her, I didn't like her that much in real life anyway.

When we walked out of the Star Bucks we turned out to be in Chinatown and we were completely lost. It was getting dark and people started setting up these stalls. There were people performing Kung fu and flying around, and others doing intense illusion tricks and healing magic. We were walking slowly and cautiously around the place but couldn't find a way out. So instead of trying to leave we decided to try some of the tricks that they show how you do, of course we fail miserably at first but we start getting the hang of it. It was really cool because soon we were twirling things and making things move without touching them.

When daylight came we finally got home and tried showing people what we learned but all we could do was mediocre, compared to what we could do the night before. We felt pretty stupid and kept saying that we could, it just didn't seem to be working right now. We got so angry!

I suddenly woke up when I banged my hand on the table.