Mango-lime sorbet is a a flavor offered by the irrepressible Ben & Jerry's ice cream (now part of ConGloMo). It is, as its name suggests, a mixture of the flavors of these two fruits - but what a flavor! It is a dizzying, tangy ascension into esters and sweets that defies categorization. A hint of bitterness and sour from the lime juuuuuuuust perfectly sets off the tropical gooey sweetness of the mango. It does a much better job than any other frozen dessert I've come across at capturing the complex flavor and smell of mango. I have found this flavor to be the perfect piece-de-resistance to cap off a wondrous session of the munchies. Lots of chocolate, coffee and other heavy flavors, ending up with this marvelously piquant palate-cleanser. I urge you to run out and buy a pint now if you've never tasted it. Especially if you enjoy fruit. Final note: This flavor is best pronounced as follows when stoned to the gills: "Mango liiiiiiiiiiiiime sorbet." Note the swooning extension of the middle word.

Available at fine Store 24's and supermarkets everywhere, in the 'Food for Stoners' section.

Update: I have found this flavor on the (sob) Ben & Jerry's Graveyard of Flavors page. Please, write your congressman, write Ben & Jerry, and tell them you neeeeeeed Mango Liiiiiiime sorbet!