Achar means "pickle" in Hindi. Typically, though, achars contain no vinegar. Instead, the pickling is done with oil, one of the most common being mustard oil. A relish commonly heaped on top of pakistani and indian food, achar can be spicy, sour, sweet, and tangy as well as a lot of other things. Commonly you will find mixed vegetable achars that contain among other things mangos, carrots, and hot peppers soaked in oil and kicked up many notches with mustard seeds, chili powder, and lots of little seeds, thingummies, and detritus I don't know the names of. Specialty achars are also produced which contain only one kind of fruit or vegetable such as mango achar (my favorite), garlic achar, and lime achar. Speaking of the lime variety of achar be very careful. Whole, unpeeled limes are halved, pickled and sold. If you ever licked a lime you know that the oils in the skin can be very pungent so be careful. Some of major manufacturer's of achar which you will find in Indo-Pak grocery stores in America are Pachranga and Ahmed's.

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