Quote of the Day:

"The Taliban are, in a way, the same as the hyper-Orthodox Jewish sects which stone passers-by on Shabbat; the main difference appears to be the degree to which the men of each fear their women." -A Rabbi I know

News of the Day:

  • The dot-conomy in the Northeast U.S.continues to worsen, with Lucent and other companies warning of yet more layoffs. In a potentially more ominous trend, used computer prices on eBay are plummeting as sellers realize that folks just aren't buying.

  • U.S. and allied forces continued bombing Afghanistan; reports have surfaced in the past couple of days that the U.S. had undertaken the first use of a UCAV in actual combat. Modified RQ-1A Predator aircraft have been retrofitted with Hellfire missiles, which (according to U.S. DoD briefers) have been fired in anger at targets in the field.

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