I have to put some more tea in this teapot. I know something about 'the situation'.

Slovenia vs. Slovakia, as Slovenian people refer to subject, is well known psychological frustration hanging above every Slovenian government. From time to time the idea that Slovenia is not properly recognized through the world, arise in public media. And then the old frustration that Slovenia will be mistaken for Slovakia takes place. All of this is present in the media for week-two and then re-appears in some half year. approximately.

I remember the last happening. The president of Slovenia was on the official visit to Bulgaria. And when he stood before the Bulgarian guard of honor alongside with Bulgarian president, the orchestra started to play Slovakian, not Slovenian national anthem.

And two examples that show just how much is Slovenia trying for anticipation and better recognitions on our little planet.

1. Several Slovenian organizations are strategically planning the making of World Guinness records in Slovenia. So, imagine, so far we have the biggest number of high school students simultaneously dancing in bigger Slovenian cities, the world largest mortadela (special kind of sausage ) and great woman, which travel whole world with motorbike. She even married the bike in Pakistan.

2. The new Slovenian national flag has been chosen. The kind that will significantly distinct Slovenia from Slovakia on every state flag list. But here is a catch. The public majority really dislikes the new flag, because as one of the nationalist politician said: 'looks like a chocolate cover'.

In spite of the fact, that Slovenian people are really friendly, they don't really have any closer connections with Slovakians.