When eleven days were omitted from the year 1752 in the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar to England, Wednesday September 2 was followed by Thursday September 14, not, as it otherwise would have been, Monday the 14th.

Simply omitting the dates caused riots in the streets. It was therefore probably a wise move not to interfere with the week, which is a religious thing

There are millions of devout people of various religious persuasions - certainly Jewish and Christian - for whom there has been a Sabbath every seven days since the Creation. You don't monkey with that if you value your life.

This dislocation meant that 1752 became the only year in history to have a triple dominical letter - EDA. This records the fact that the alignment between dates and days of the week "slipped" once at the end of February (as is normal for a leap year - all leap years have a double letter) and again with the missing days in September