The subject is: Human Understanding

If only she could've understood me, there would've been a chance. Seven months without her has been bliss.

Doing things by myself, for myself.

Paris was lovely. I had fallen in love with Paris, and the girl who lives there. There is HOPE!

My brooding demeanor drained the life out of me today. The fault of a dream I had last night. It could have been worse - it could have been real. A hotel and her with a guy much like me. I need not say more. It was fancy and they fancied each other. Too bad I was around. It became nightmarish.

But of course, these things in my head tell me other things. Hidden messages for me to decipher. My decoder ring is broken.

I wished so hard that it could've been the other dream - of the Champs d'Elysees.

But then again, the latter dream is in my heart, the former was in my head.

I love you, Virginia!