My profession consists of bringing truths nearer to the point where they explode.
--Hans Werner Henze

Explode: (v.) From the Latin from ex-, meaning "out" and plaudere "to clap", "applaud," explodere: hence, explode originally meant "to drive out by clapping,". This was originally used in the context of the theater, "to drive an actor off the stage by clapping". It eventually came to mean "to drive out with violence and sudden noise", and later, in America, it came to be used to mean "to go off with a loud noise" (1790). The sense of "to burst with destructive force" is first recorded in written language in 1882.

1. To expand or burst apart suddenly and dramatically, usually throwing pieces everywhere. Often accompanied by loud noise and flame. "The car exploded into flame."

2. To expand rapidly enough to cause structural damage; to burst. "The balloon exploded"

3. To grow rapidly. "population explosion"

4. To loose your temper. "When he ate the last donut, I just exploded!"

5. To destroy.

The dust of exploded beliefs may make a fine sunset
--Geoffrey Madan