Well, once again relief is the emotion of the day. I have no more prelims (basically midterms) this week and fall break begins on friday. Four day weekend! Only two more days until i head home for the first time in about two months. But enough about the future, i gotta talk about today.

Waking up was nothing special, except for the giant thunderclaps which probably woke up every person on campus (except for those out cold... there were prelims last night... people "celebrate" after those things).

Things to do today:

1. Go to my classes (math, chem, and freshman writing seminar).
2. Pick something up from alpha chi sigma
3. Play Unreal Tournament (thats a given...)
4. Possibly call my parents. I am going to see them in two days, but maybe i should let them know what time i'm gonna be arriving and stuff like that.
5. Sleep. I can do a lot of this now that my testing is over (for this week at least)