Yeah, my last daylog was a complete dive, but so what? Daylogging's great anyway.

But I'm not here to daylog about daylogging, I'm here to daylog about The Store.

Ahh, yes. That treasured little gem sitting out there in the slums, used to be that one could get really cheap corndogs there. Maybe 3, 4 cents each. Not anymore. People've been robbing Sam, the fellow who owns the store. And you know what? I've seen them rob the store, and it's horribly stupid the way they do it!

See, they shamble in just like the youth around here, just moving around hunched over. Reminds me somewhat of the kids at school, with the heavy loads on their backs. Some of these kids even have the balls to come in covered with wet mud! (And they stink to high hell, too, but that's neither here nor there. Just take a freaking shower!)

So they go inside, and they just grab crap and carry it back out! They don't even attempt to hide it! I saw this girl I knew walking out with 5 or 6 sealed cases of candy bars! And you know what? Sam was nowhere to be seen.

Kids these days.

But you know what? Sam himself was always an eccentric fellow as well. Why he would try and sell brains out of an ice cream case, in public nonetheless, that was always misunderstood by me. Usually people sell them in the freezer, maybe 8 or 9 cents an ounce. But not Sam, oh no. He just had this Good Humor ice cream freezer, and just loaded it with brains!

It was last week I think, yeah. Last Saturday, I stopped in. He gestured to the freezer and said that these brains were half price, would you be interested, they're about to go bad tomorrow]. I obliged, and I forked over 4 cents for all of it. What a deal! And I didn't have to crack any skulls to get them!