Title: Final Fantasy Origins
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Date Published: April 8, 2003
Platforms: PlayStation

Final Fantasy Origins is a remastering of the original two Final Fantasies, I and II (previously released in Japan only), as an opportunity to reintroduce newer gamers to the classics of the past.

Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy I has seen some major re-toolings. There's an option to switch from normal difficulty, like in the Japanese original, and easy difficulty, re-tooled for novice players. Also, there's options to enable some functions that modern Final Fantasies have, such as auto-target switch. In the NES version, if two people attack the same target, and the first kills it, then the second person targets empty space, and does 0 damage. If the switch is on, a new target is randomly chosen. There's an option to enable the Life spell, among others.

The characters still don't talk, and they do what they're told (which is good, I guess), and not much of the story has changed. However, the graphics here have seen major alterations, enough to consider it a Super Nintendo game. The battle animation was also re-done, as well as the battle screen in general.

Final Fantasy II

Same as above, graphic-wise. There's been some minor adjustments to the story, to make it more clear what was happening, but several things remain unchanged, even to a fault.

The battle system is guilty of this. The basic premise of the battle system is that, as you use your abilities, they grow. This means, to grow all the stats in one battle, all the characters must be outright trashed, and on the brink of death, but not dead. They must have made several attacks, several magic uses, and so forth.

Except there's a big fat bug here. In the battle system, select a command, but don't execute it. The selecting adds 1 to the number of times this command has been used, and when this number gets to a certain level, the skill or stat goes up. Thus, all you need is to select, cancel, and repeat, for maximum stat boosting.

Sources: GameFAQs for the release date, and owning the game for all else.