is the story of how one man changed the nature of video game help forever. Without the assistance of commercials or web banners, Jeff "CJayC" Veasey was able to create a small revolution. For years every gamer who got stuck of the fourth floor of the volcanic lair of the evil demon from the parallel dimension was left with few options. You could pay 95 cents a minute to get help from the official hotline, fork out 20 bucks for the strategy guide, sit in the bookstore and hurriedly look it over before the clerk sees you, or ask a fellow gamer who would then laugh at your inability to solve the simple key hidden in the back of the one winged eagle crest puzzle.

Things started to change however in November 5, 1995 when Jeff "CJayC" Veasey started a small website originally called Video Game FAQ Archive. Later, after the site begun to grow, the name would be changed to simply GameFAQs. The site is still solely run by Mr. Veaseywas, who updates the site and runs all the business operations. However the true strength lays not in one lone editor, but instead the hordes of fans that have discovered the site. By word of mouth it spread, “there is a new way to get that much needed help on every game”. With in-depth walkthroughs, cheat codes, and FAQs on every game from Ace Combat to Zelda, and every system from the Atari 2600 to Xbox, the site has it all. Dedicated writers submit content daily, constantly adding to the detail and variety of the site. And if you ever see something that you want to know that’s not up there, post it. 30 minutes later you will have your answer.

For those of us who cannot instinctively solve every puzzle that comes our way, GameFAQs provides an unparalleled resource for absolutely no cost. Quite frankly, GameFAQs is a godsend.


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