I have been trying to buy copious quantites of Lego for the past couple of days. I have found 2 blokes so far willing to sell their kids lego to me, and 2 "young adults", i.e. ~22 year olds, who think they will no longer play with their boxes of lego. One has offered to give me his Lego. I'll have to buy him a few drinks to say thanks.

I feel a bit funny about all this though. Much as I like Lego, and relish the thought of owning loads of it cheaply, I honsetly think people shouldn't sell it. If it were up to me, they'd keep it for their kids. Or cousins. Or whatever. However, this feeling is not strong enough to stop me offering cash, and so the deals are done.

Oh, without wishing to cause bad karma, erm, XP, I'd like to declare my homepage at http://my.genie.co.uk/andrew.reynolds officaially open. Not very intreresting, but I've mentioned the content behind the Java link here before. Also the picture of me is, erm, funny (?). In my defense I was drunk. Actually, it was my stag night (i.e. the night before my wedding.

Life in England grows increasingly cold and autumnal. The heating in my flat is now well and truly on.