1. My family and I were living in a houseboat, which was scheduled for demolition. I helped my father pile up boxes of explosives in the bathroom and the spare bedroom.

    My Lego collection was layed out around the explosives, and you just know it was going to get vaporised at the appropriate time (8:00pm if I remember rightly). I had exactly an hour to re-arrange the collection so that only stuff I didn't want was going to get nuked. This was a very confusing task, but an all-too familiar one; in my waking hours I have been tidying and re-arranging boxes of Lego a lot recently.

    I had to stop my brother taking a bath in the explosive-filled bathroom in case the steam set off the explosion. Then we all his in the living room, behind a sofa - waiting for the boom.

  2. There was a manager who was very excitable. No-one wanted to be in meetings with him on his birthday, because he would shout out "GEEK!" at us all the time.

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