Why is it that I can build and fix computers all day long at work, but when I go home I encounter problems that I've nver heard of...
The computer in question is Jeeves, my candidate for an Unreal Tournament Server, it is to be a dual Pentium III 667, 133mhz bus and however many hardrives as fast as I can afford. I've tried NT Server, I've tried NT Workstation I've tried Windows 95 through ME, as ofnow I've only gotten Windows NT4 and 2000 to completely install without some odd error occuring, however when they do install they crash on the install of the service packs. Hopefully I will have anm help me this evening in getting this son of a bitch going.

I had to take several breaks from the damn thing yesterday to keep me from destroying the machine.

I have not been this frustrated with a computer in a long time.