What's goin on?
Hell I don't know. I had a friend stay over at my place Friday night, now keep in mind I live in a very strict high class neighborhood. At about 5:30 Saturday morning according to my friend, a man knocked on the door and told him to put his truck in the garage.

When my friend said it want' his house, the man got angry at him and said, "We have rules here ya know! I can't allow that!"

WTF? Who the hell is this old bastard to tell me I can't do something to a house that is paid for, is not his, and has no direct bearing on his life.

This infuriated me, but not near as much as when he called my mother. I'm almost 24 years old, I haven't lived under mommy and daddy's supervision in years. The old man, however called my mom to tell her that I was being beligerant and deserved to be punished.

He also fussed at her because my father parked his boat there the night my grandmother died. Fuck him ya know.