Fred was the name of a computer game I had on my old ZX Spectrum when I was a kid. It was published by a company called Quicksilva, in 1984.
In the game, you are Fred, an archaeologist, who is trapped inside a pyramid. Your objective is, you guessed it, to find your way out. Along the way, you can collect loot. But beware of mummies, animals, ghosts, and other dangerous things. When you finally made it to the exit, another maze awaited.

The game was made for the ZX Spectrum 48. It was in 2d, so you could only walk left and right, and move up and down with the ropes. Although the concept of escaping a maze wasn't very original, Fred was surprisingly entertaining. The graphics were good (at least for that era in computer graphics), and made good use of the available colors. The sound effects, although not too many, supported the game well.

Update: according to stupot, the game was called "Roland On The Ropes" on the Amstrad CPC.