Let's see...

In the dream I had this morning, I was in this place where everything was upside-down. People said it increased efficiency somehow. I don't remember much about this part, though. I looked at a lot of pretty bridges and at one point, was watching someone do dental surgury. They had a weird way to fix teeth. And for some reason, everyone's teeth were just little slivers that could be pulled out easily.

But in the second part (I remember this more clearly), I was with some friends from school. We were in this place that looked like a camp ground. There were big pine trees all around, and some muddy gravel roads going through.

I went running around like an idiot from my friends to a road going south (I didn't have shoes on, so the gravel was hurting my feet). All the people around called me "the ugly sprinter" or something like that.

Then I was out west of this area, in a big lake. There were some bridges going around, and a city at the north side of the lake, but we were just swimming in the water arount the bridges. (There was one bridge which I had seen in the earlier dream, a real pretty brick one with arches underneath about 7 meters in diameter.) Someone was instructing me on how to fly. You had to stay in one spot and fling your arms around you clockwise in what looked like an exaggerated doggy-paddle. Then, after you had done that for a while, you could hold your arms straight out and you would move straight up. The longer you had done the doggy-paddle thing, the longer you could go without doing it again. She had shown us a few other ways to fly, but this one worked a lot better. After you were in the air, you could just keep doing the wild doggy-paddle thing and stay up. It was hard, though. I was going to use this method to fly north, to the city, back home, but never got around to it. Instead, I ended up in a room between the big lake area (to the west) and the muddy camp area (to the east). It was then that I though: "You know, this is probably too good to be true. I'm probably just going to wake up and be dissapointed... Hey, I just realized I was dreaming! I've been trying to do that for a long time! Woohoo!".

And so I tried to fly without going through all the motions. It didn't work. It was still just as hard to fly. I tried to go talk to that girl I like, but couldn't find her. Oh well. Then I was Hawkeye from M*A*S*H, and it was the episode where he's in the psych ward. They had really bad food there. It looked like it was supposed to be spaghetti, but it was all dried out, like the hot lunches I used to get in elementary school. I was going to get out, and some crazies decided they just had to come with me. I climbed up through a hole in the ceiling, into a ventelation shaft that ran east-west. I climbed to the west end out into the aisle of a really big toy store. It was really big, like this room was 15 stories high. I started flying around, and the 2 crazies followed me. Then some lady came out of the vent after us, and told one of the crazies "you stay away from my daughter!", and dragged off the other crazy. The first crazy promptly set his TTL to 1 in protest.

After that, I was in a more reasonably sized toy store. I found that I could fly horizontally fairly easily. It was hard to move vertically, though, even though I knew it was a dream. I did find that I could do a less exaggerated doggy-paddle, though, and I would stay up. Then I started to hear music. I sometimes hear music before I wake up.