Crop Dusting

Traditional Crop Dusting

Traditionally, crop dusting is when a small aircraft is flown low over a field of crops and a hatch enclosing some pesticide is released to cover the ground below. Crop dusting has long been used to effectively cover large amounts of land in relatively little time when compared to spreading the pesticides from the ground.

Talented crop dusters have reputations for being skillful daredevils for flying so low.

Flight Attendant Slang

Now, with the daredevil aspect of crop dusters in mind:

My father went to a party of some rather ecclectic Hollywood folk not so long ago, and met the lover of some fashion desginer. He happened to be a flight attendant.

My dad asked him if he enjoyed his work; as my dad commented on how he could not deal with all of the air rage that goes on nowadays.

"Oh, we get our revenge alright," the man replied, "we just crop dust 'em."

"Crop dust them?" my dad inquired, "what is that?"

A cruel smile grew on the man's face and he said, "crop dusting is when we take a walk down the aisle of the airplane and break wind slowly so nobody can here above the noise of the engine."

"Oh that is mean!" my dad exclaimed.

"Yes, and you score extra points if they turn around to try and figure out who did it. The more heads turning, the better your score."

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