Music Album by Rhian Sheehan

We need to appreciate that we are intimately connected to the universe. That we are made of the same materials, just assembled in a different way. We are a small but special part of the universe that we have the ability to be conscious. We are the universe looking back at itself and pondering. We have gained the ability to realise, to learn, and to teach, to love and to have, to make life and destroy it, to create music and art, but most importantly, we have gained the ability to understand. Understand incredible things; such that everything around us, including yourself and the vast universe, appears to have been born together as one, some 15 billion years ago, in a colossal explosion caused by a fluctuation in nothingness. It seems we originated from an infintely dense primordial speck of no size.. The paradigm shift in human comprehension is the newfound knowledge that we are all one and the same, but all individually unique.

- Rhian Sheehan

Some describe Paradigm Shift, the debut album by Rhian Sheehan as a cross between folk music and electronic. The haunting major minor shifts of the music combined with the melencholy lyrics create a very New Zealand feel of loneliness and isolation. Samples of what sounds like New Zealand movies intersparse the various tracks of what is a very moving album. Spine tingling stuff.

Paradigm Shift - Track list
01 - Intro
02 - She Walks Into Mine
03 - Waiting (feat. Lotus)
04 - My Absolution
05 - Air on a Bass String
06 - Childsmind
07 - Garden Children (feat. Lotus)
08 - Humoured (feat. Jol Mulholland)
09 - Synthetic City
10 - Journey to Wakatuhuri
11 - The Paradigm Shift
12 - Existing Alone
13 - Waiting (Talisein remix)
14 - If I Gave You the Mic (feat. Sheelahroc) (phat beats down mix)