The site, through quite a welcoming monolog, describes itself as being a place where anything is possible. The site’s only limitation is being that of the visitor’s ambitions, otherwise the infinite is possible and the unattainable is unknown.

Established during the fablistic rise of commerce and consulting on the internet, has consistently enthralled its visitors with sirenesque enticements of total possibility.

At the time, these claims ran near parallel to the numerous people soliciting the services of their legitimate sites. They were legitimate in the sense that they legitimately desired clientele, or the least the hard currency that such produced. This pointed many of us to find the humor of to be rooted in the pure mockery of all that created such spam and vaporware.

Now that the overstock and over-hype have settled down in this post-dot bomb era, and many have been left with unrequited passions of fame and fortune, stands as lone statue bearing no effect from fair or foul weather. most likely outlived its intended design, as much of what it setout to mock has now crumbed into penny stock, red bottom-lines, or worse. Yet like a fine wine set to age, each new day bring added value, as its consistency over time now provides a monument and safe-haven for the weary internet traveler, rejuvenating their hope and creating healthy cynicisms in all that is routable via a network.

Still there lies a few questions in how long can the site last and who was its divine creator. If it can be trusted-- as any other bit, byte, or nibble can be trusted on the internetwhois might have an answer.

Domain Name: ZOMBO.COM
Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
Levine, Joshua (JL25983) ooaahh@YAHOO.COM
1079 Occidental, CA 95465 US
Phone: 707-865-0449
Record expires on 10-Oct-2005
Record created on 10-Oct-1999
Database last updated on 28-Sep-2004

Happy 5th birthday, may it bring you another full year and the simple funds and disk space required to make it five more! This site is defiantly not a waste of internet technology.

You can do anything at

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