(Noded as soon as I got back from a four-day trip from Tampa to New York to be the best man in a wedding.)

When I woke up in my hosts' guest bedroom, I found that Jake the cat disapproved of where I'd put my glasses and my watch, and had helpfully batted them into more interesting places. He's a real sweetheart and now I'm pretty sure I'd like to get a cat when I get a condo.

We picked up our tuxedos and had lunch at Bruno's, a 50's-themed restaurant. We came back and listened to his very impressive collection of a capella CDs while Jake did his thing.

The rehearsal was a great chance to gawk at the interfaith sanctuary of the College of St. Rose. Its lobby is an indoor garden, with ferns and tropical greenery surrounding a small decorative pool. Just beyond the pool are floor-to-ceiling windows looking into the sanctuary from the congregation's right. The rehearsal was also a great chance to chat up the bridemaids.

After the rehearsal came the rehearsal dinner, which turned out to be next door to a Faculty-Staff Luau. It sounded like they were having a lot more fun than us. Professors letting their hair down are bound to be more entertaining than a gaggle of Michiganders catching up on the gossip about a family I don't know.

In our hotel room, Adam and I got started talking about religions and God and the Bible. It was just like old times -- spinning out philosophies just for the hell of it.