Yesterday I thought Hurricane Gordon had it in for Tampa. He has, however, continued to aim for the Big Bend where the west coast meets the Panhandle.

It rained this morning, and as the water level rose I wondered if I'd need to dry out the carpet tonight. But then the water receded, and the ground nearly dried out this afternoon as a strong breeze tickled my wind chimes. Oh, there was a hurricane in the neighborhood, but it was about 100 miles offshore, and I wouldn't have known it if not for the announcements interrupting or preempting all the shows on TV.

So it's been drizzling all day, and I've been sitting here waiting for it to get more interesting. I can't believe I'm actually disappointed that I still have a home -- maybe it's just an adrenalin crash.

On the other hand, I did get some noding done, and killed my writeup for Sweden because it really stank. All in all, not a bad day.