The patron saint of air travel, pilots and airplane passengers, Joseph of Cupertino (1603-1663) was liable to drift off in contemplation -- literally, if one believes the official accounts.

The Catholic Encyclopedia says that Joseph would easily fall into a sort of trance of prayer and contemplation at the slightest mention of religious ideas such as God or the Virgin Mary, which were mentioned in his presence fairly often since he was a Franciscan priest.

During some of these episodes, his fellow priests claimed, Joseph would literally float or levitate. I suppose he forgot to pay attention to gravity. (I've got ADD -- I can relate.)

Since such occurrences in public caused much admiration and also disturbance in a community, Joseph for thirty-five years was not allowed to attend choir, go to the common refectory, walk in procession or say Mass in church, but was ordered to remain in his room, where a private chapel was prepared for him.

(I guess that was the 1600s version of the least restrictive environment.)

As a result, St. Joseph of Cupertino eventually became the patron saint of those who fly in airplanes, helicopters, and similar craft.

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII