A two-door automobile from Honda that is expected to get 70 MPG (almost 30 km/L) on the highway, and 61 MPG (almost 26 km/L) in the city.

It has three cylinders, a manual transmission, and seats only two people. The real boost in fuel efficiency, however, comes from charging a battery when the brakes are applied, then using the battery to power an electric motor to get the car back up to speed.

You don't have to plug it in; just fill the 10.6-gallon gas tank, albeit less often than before. So much for the jokes about the really long extension cord.

At around USD 20k with air conditioning, the Insight isn't cheap to buy, but could be a bargain in the long run. More importantly, it uses less fossil fuels (good for the pocketbook and the environment) than anything more powerful than a moped.

The Honda Insight will be available Winter 2000 in cherry red, apple green, and metallic grey.