Some terrorists had hijacked a -- well, a flying subway train, probably meant to lift passengers up to a hotel at the first Clarke orbit. Naturally, they'd taken the passengers hostage.

So a squadron of jets -- they looked like jets, I dunno what actually propelled them -- took care of the problem like this:

  • The first pilot heroically rammed the jet (oh! maybe it was a ramjet?) through the entire subway train. The wings broke off, but the nose section had enough structural integrity to continue breaking through the doors between each car of the train.
  • The next six pilots flew sideways through the aisle and dropped remote-trigger bombs.
  • When the planes were clear, they triggered the bombs so as to turn the entire subway train into a gigantic cannon.

And, yes, the homoerotic imagery is obvious to me too, thank you Sigmund.

As a result of the series of explosions -- sorry about that, hostages, but we had a job to do! -- the head cheese of the terrorists was literally blown into orbit. Only it was an odd orbit around an object shaped like a piece of twisty pasta that had been formed into a circle. The guy spent the rest of eternity orbiting *through* the object, like one of those electronic things with the wire wrapped around the toroid thingy. I think it was actually the moon in some weird shape. It'd have to have had enough mass for this guy to keep orbiting through it, wouldn't it?

What are you looking at me like that for? Yes, elf needs Valkyrie badly, but... oh piss off.