...a vision of such breathtaking loveliness...

We had relatives come over to visit, I couldn't recognise who they all were. I just knew they were some relatives. They had a black haired girl who never spoke and seemed to been standing alone in a freshly harvested field. Since these people were our relatives I could only assume she was my cousin. Who was she?

I was squatting in front of an opened wardrobe looking into the abyss. The mystery girl walked into the room. She no longer had black hair, in fact she look nothing like the girl who appeared to be disconnected to her surroundings. The one who seemed to always be in a field (even when we were in the house). This girl now resembled a friend who I remember from Secondary school. We smiled at each other and I stared back into the darkness of the wardrobe.

I smiled to myself and said, "How are you doing Annie Mae1?". Annie gave me a look of astonishment. She enquired how I had remembered her name despite it being many years since we had last seen each other.

Grinning coyly I told her I wasn't sure if it was really her. I said the reason I felt unsure was that the Annie I knew was a sweet and sunny girl. The Annie that was now before my eyes couldn't have been this girl I used to knew. For if it was, her she had blossomed into a vision of such breathtaking loveliness.

Needless to say she absolutely loved that mack line! ;D

As we drew close to kiss, her sister butted in. Every time I would close my eyes to kiss Annie I would open them to find her blasted sister instead. I never did get to kiss her in the end.

1 The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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