The psychological manipulation of women by men to reach a desired goal; i.e., sexual gratification, financial support, etc. Commonly used by gangsta rappers, U.S. Presidents, and other people in positions of power are also frequently macks. However, the best macks are those without money or fame, but who instead have to rely on game.

Mack is also known as the Mack Heavy Truck Company, is the 100-years-young (as of 2000) manufacturer of dumptucks and other heavy-haulers. Mack was officially founded by Brothers John ("Jack"), William and Augustus ("Gus") Mack in 1900 to make self propelled wagons, years before the concept of the automobile was know to the average person. The first Motorized wagon, Old No. 1, went on to record over 1 million miles of service, which began the tradition of the hard-wearing Mack truck.

Mack's most famous element is its insignia, the bulldog. The rumours would have us believe that this was because John's favorite pet was a bulldog, but the truth is the bulldog insignia wasn't adopted until years after John's death in 1924. The bulldog came from the Mack Model AC that was used in the battlefields of Europe and because of it's snarling attitude and snubbed nose, it resembled and was so nicknamed "the Bulldog Mack". This characterization grew to encompass all Mack products, and in 1932 the company adopted the Bulldog as its trademark. The famous Bulldog hood ornament was designed and patented by Mack Chief Engineer Alfred F. Masury, and has graced the hoods of Mack vehicles ever since.

In naval terminology, a mack is the combination of a mast and a (smoke)stack. They are fairly common on steam-powered warships with large exhaust trunks, such as the Russian Kirov class or Kresta-I class.

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