I was the frustrated franchisee of Krusty Pizza, trying to get a loan. The loan arranger asked me, "But how can you pay us back on time if you can't even get a pizza to us within 40 minutes?"

I woke with a wicked idea for a satire of our main vendor -- a website that would always insist you lacked the correct fractional version of Netscape (4.319) to view the site properly, but would let you configure a PAC with all the toppings you wanted, including e-mail support, phone support, compatibility with WebTV, etc. (all at hefty additional charges, of course). You could see that "Source Code" was a possible topping, but the site would never let you choose it. When you were finally done with the order, it would say "Okay, your PAC pizza will arrive in... oh, probably next fall, but we're not making any promises."

Too bad I'd get sued silly -- they probably have more lawyers than programmers.