Writeups I've updated today:

What a day! Our Internet connection went down. After about half an hour on the phone, I finally found a human being (likely a phone firewall) at Intermedia who said that it was a backbone problem and that they did not have any guesses on when it would be back.

That's not what I wanted to hear.

All week I've been struggling with Verizon to get the New Port Richey Public Library's WAN connection working properly -- it's been yo-yoing. Finding out that we were completely off the network was maddening.

I mean, shit, I couldn't even node to blow off some steam...

So then I got to spend all morning calling our customers personally, explaining, apologizing, listening to their responses. After the first dozen calls I knew it was going to be a bad morning.

As you're reading this, you can guess how it turned out: they eventually got their act together and restored our service. But let me tell you, it was ugly this morning.

But hey, four more hours and I get to go home and be consoled by my girlfriend. We're living together now. (Last time I posted a daylog I might not have even met her...)

One more good thing: I've recently sold another crossword puzzle. Check Netscape or UClick this Saturday, August 25, 2001; it's not only the day of my crossword, but also my 27th birthday and Linux's 10th. I'm looking forward to the party.

(Now if only I could skip all the ]laundry] and cleaning and skip straight on to the booze...)