Tripod are also an Australian comedy trio, made up of of 3 men from Melbourne. Formed in 1996, they did what most new groups do and played the bar scene for around a year, until they got a big break, being asked to play at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 1997. They proved to be a huge hit, and have played (and sold out) the festival every year since. They have also played twice at the International Comedy Festival in Edinburgh.

Tripod are made up of Steven Gates (Gatesy), Simon Hall (Yon) and Scott Edger (Scod). All 3 sing, while Scott plays the guitar. They specialise in short comedic songs on a very wide variety of topics. Along with the festivals mentioned above, they have played in other festivals all over Australia, as well as corporate events for many large companies such as Telstra, IBM and Lotus. Tripod have also played on virtually every TV station in Australia, as well as a multitude of radio stations.

Of these radio station appearences, the most famous (at least in Australia) would have to be their recent weekly appearences on station Triple J. Each Tuesday on the breakfast show at 6:30am, the shows hosts (Wil Anderson and Adam Spencer, 2 established Australian comedians) would give Tripod a challenge. They would be given various words or ideas, and were required to return exactly 1 hour later with a funny song. These appearences have led to their latest CD entitled "Abount an hour of song in an hour". Some of these challenges were:

  • "Bill Clinton and the Queen were in the country at the same time, was there romance?"
  • Writing a theme song for the Crocodile Hunters new movie that also included a Shakira quote.
  • A parody of an Alanis Morissette song with a reference to a rare or pedigree cheeses

Funny Stuff!

Tripod have released 3 CDs and 1 video since they got together, them being:

Tripod are one of the funnier Australian acts going around at the moment, one can only hope that they continue to gain success and continue on for many years to come. I highly recommend any of Tripods CDs if you can get your hands on them. They will provide you with a very good laugh.