The legs of a tripod, plus the "hub" where they join.

The legs usually are telescoping, and they may have either spike feets (good for soft surfaces like grass or carpet) or soft rubber feets that try to exert some grip on marble.

Some legsets like Bembo's are very adjustable, and good for working on uneven surfaces.
Others basically only have two positions, that's to say open or closed.

In choosing a legset you should consider:

  • Material: wood is prefered by someone, although I have no idea why. Aluminum is more common, carbon fiber is supposed to be good and it certainly is expensive.
  • Weight: a tripod that you leave at home is never a good tripod. On the other hand, weight is probably the greates factor in the vibration dampening properties of the tripod.
  • User interface: some tripod legs pinch your fingers or require you to operate trauma-causing screws. Some are almost impossible to use when wearing gloves.
  • Color: a shiny tripod attracts attention from humans and animals. I personally prefer black, but tastes vary.

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