The smell doesn't exist all day long. It's those days where you decide to go a bar. And right after the second drink, it happens. It's truly indescribable other than the simple word: cocaine. For one breath, your body reminds you of your past actions. Obviously, if you haven't sniffed a rail, you can't experience this.

About five years ago, I tried jejo for the first time. Some people don't understand or feel cocaine's high. But if you just aren't confident enough, it's heaven. That initial freeze takes over your nostril and side of your face. A couple of minutes later....drip drop a drip. The numb sensation grows in the back of your throat. With a clogged throat you breathe through your nose only to move the powder flakes that were stuck to your septum forward. The electricity in your brain starts firing at a rapid rate, you are now high. Four of your top teeth have no feeling at all.

Upon becoming a user, the novelty and fun of cocaine exceed any thought of what will come. I started off using once a month. If you can maintain this kind of habit, I honestly don't see any harm in this drug. But be warned, any amount of repetition with this drug tends to decrease the amount time between use! Then I broke Hollywoods only on the weekends. 40-80 bucks a week didn't seem like much, plus I enjoyed it.

Cocaine gives you confidence like a mad man!

Needless to say, I developed a three to four time a week habit. I never spent more money than I had, always paid my bills. But I spent a lot of money looking back. I got high on coke for the first time in ages last week. I have no regrets. But just now, I smelled it......

What cocaine smells like:




Sex(if you can get it up)




A late phonecall
Dangerous situations
One hour of sleep
Cognitive Dissonance
Pure unfiltered regret
What you don't have