In the movie Pulp Fiction, Mia Wallace goes out to dinner at Jackrabbit Slim's with Vincent Vega. She orders a "five dollar milkshake," and Vega, having never heard of such a thing, does a double-take. He asks the waiter, "Buddy Holly" if the restaurant adds bourbon to the shake - they don't. He seems shocked that such a simple drink would cost five dollars, but isn't about to argue with his boss's wife. Mia slips out to the bathroom to powder her nose, and returns to find her food and drink on the table. After insisting that Vega's cooties won't bother her, she lets him try the shake. His response is:

Goddamn! That's a pretty fuckin' good milk shake. I don't know if it's worth five dollars, but it's pretty fuckin' good.

Incidentally, Jackrabbit Slim's takes a rather oblique approach to the concept of milkshake flavors. Mia is asked if she wants the milkshake "Martin and Lewis" or "Amos and Andy" - she chooses the Martin and Lewis, and a vanilla milkshake shows up. For some reason the restaurant has chosen to use racially-derived names for their flavors, with vanilla being a reference to white comedians Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and chocolate referring to the popular radio show Amos 'n Andy, which starred two black men.

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