Danny Wallace is a writer and BBC Radio producer from Bow, East London. He lives in a flat/micronation named Lovely, of which he is King. He is also the leader of a cult, the Karma Army, as well as numerous other, more normal things.

His major works include: He has also produced a radio series staring Ross Noble - "Ross Noble Goes Global", as well as acting in occasional specials for BBC Radio, including one about the Eurovision song contest. A lot of Danny's work follows through between different areas of work, the Eurovision song he composed for BBC Radio is also part of Join Me and How to start your own country. There are also common elements between Join me and HTSYOC.

His writing style is very intimate, sharing problems in his life, especially with his now ex-girlfriend Hanne. Yes Man would be best described as a self-help book, even though it is also a comedy. Something about his writing style allows people to easily identify with him and share his revelations. He is also an extremely funny man, so bits of his works become lodged in your mind as a good joke would, making the books even more hard-hitting.

Danny is originally from Bath, and still has links with that area, especially as his family live there. He recently hosted An Audience with Danny Wallace at Bristol's Royal West of England Academy, which was attended by countless students, including the president of the Bristol University Tea Society, who invited him to become their royal patron. Naturally, Danny agreed.

Danny became head of development at BBC radio entertainment during Yes Man, as well as traveling world wide, which just goes to show that he's a clever man when it comes to getting what's good for him!

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