The fourth videogame made by Oddworld Inhabitants. Although involving a new character. It is, as far as we know, a parallel story in the same universe. It is not a continuation of the Oddworld Quintology.

Published by EA Games after being dropped by Microsoft Game Studios, the publisher of Munch's Oddysee. It remained an Xbox exclusive after switching publishers.

The story revolves around a nameless creature, called Stranger by the natives of the lands. All that is known about Stranger is that he needs to get moolah to have an operation of some kind. So the player takes Stranger through bounties, capturing outlaws, to save up moolah. As to not give away the story, I will stop there.

I highly recommend this game to any fans of cross-genre games, 3rd person action/platformers, original 1st person shooters, or just bizarre and funny storylines. Although it is different than the previous 3, any Oddworld fan will enjoy this game.