According to fricto in swear words from science fiction:

Frank Herbert's Dune galaxy sees a high trade in sligs, the creatures engineered/bred in the axlotl tanks to be the perfect source of meat.

Eveidently they, like other meat producers, shit, and what you get is "Slig shit."

It would also appear that Oddworld Inhabitants, creators of Abe's Oddysee, Abe's Exoddus and soon-to-be Munch's Oddysee, like Frank Herbert. Except that their sligs are engineered for guard duty, not meat. They are essentially squid-like creatures which can use prosthetic technology. Like walking legs with Uzi's and helicopter/hang-glider crossbreeds with contact grenades. They guard the meat factory (Rupture Farms) and the other important buildings (FeeCo Depot, SoulStorm Brewery) against aggressors. Their meat comes from paramites (paramite pies), scrabs (scrab cakes), fleeches (fleech munchies) and, New and Tasty ends up being Mudokon (mudokon pops).

By the way, they get very annoyed at people possessing their bodies by chanting!

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