Compiled overview of the 90 ton Viking 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

The Viking is the second 'Mech co-produced by ComStar and the Free Rasalhague Republic, following quickly on the heels of the Beowulf. When ComStar officials requested a new fire-support BattleMech that could take over for the aging Bombardier, Grumium was happy to oblige. ComStar chose to upgrade the Grumium Creations factory, taking a small company that provided various parts and systems and turning it into a production powerhouse.

Grumium Creations used connections in the Draconis Combine to obtain permits to purchase large numbers of Shigunga LRM-20 and LRM-15 missile launchers, and built the chassis and internal workings of the Viking around them. The 'Mech carries two each of these heavy weapons. Designers gave each launcher plenty of ammunition, and equipped the launchers with the Artemis IV fire-control system to improve their accuracy. Backup weaponry consists of two small lasers and four SperryBrowning Machine Guns; a somewhat paltry short-range assortment, but very disheartening for infantry.

The Viking lacks an XL engine because its manufacturer could not afford them, so its speed is poor compared to the Bombardier it replaces. However, Grumium Creations' designers hope that the Viking's heavy armor and dual CASE systems will make it attractive to pilots all the same.

As with the Beowulf, half the Vikings produced go to the Com Guards, the other half to the Rasalhague Kungsarme. Vikings have so far appeared only in the Third Hussars of the Kungsarme and the 403rd Division of the Com Guards.

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