The sensible thing

A London nodermeet on the afternoon of Saturday 18th May.
The other proposed title was "remember you're a noder"

mkb is coming to town. So we are doing the sensible thing: Going out, for a face-to-face, sun, fun and alcohol.

Place: Hyde park between reformer's tree and the Serpentine. The weather may or may not hold, so we will need to pick a plan B pub in case of bad weather.

Oolong, call and (darsi) are keen on Hyde park, so as to be able to do the right thing and attend a nearby Middle East peace rally ( This rally starts at Trafalgar square at 12 noon, so this works out nicely.

To allay the concerns of the apolitical, IMHO if we do this, we will camp out within walking distance of the demo, but not inamongst or alongside it. Those of you who are in the peace march for the duration are welcome to join us at 3pm or whenever you finish.

Time: Saturday 18th May, around 2pm. Saturday afternoon is the only time that mkb can make, so we are sticking with this. I don't know when it will end, hopefully not before the sun goes down. If you can't make the whole thing, drop in for part of it!

I will meet people at Reformer's Tree at 2pm, 2:30pm and 3pm. If you miss those and don't know anyone, call me on my phone (ask for phone number).

What to bring Food and drink to share, frizbee or other toys, and whatever else you fancy.


  • mkb says: i might bring non-noders. be warned
  • StrawberryFrog
  • bol
  • bol says Shove (darsi) down too - I'll make her go. (darsi) says Pandora promise me Tequila if I go. How can I refuse?
  • ascorbic says I'd say it was pretty certain I'll be there
  • Pandora says: Looking forward to the sensible thing. Go ahead, count me in :)
  • princess loulou says well you best put me down too cos i can crawl home from there.
  • call says Sign me up for yr. meet thingie. Saturday afternoon sounds marvellous if the weather's clement :))
  • Frankie says well as it's just round the corner, i 'sposes i has to be there.
  • booyaa says re: The sensible thing count me in.
  • oscar says Hi, put my name down. Sounds nice.
  • spiregrain says put me and sm597 down, weather permitting
  • decimetre says: yo sign me up
  • Catchpole says i'll be up for attending this shindig, hope it's a nice day

    And unconfirmed:
  • TallRoo says bol just pointed out the London picnic. I'd love to be there. I have to check that I'm going to be in the right country though.
  • ^Davion^ says Why do I live so far away in deepest, darkest wales?! BUT I'LL DO MY DAMNDEST!
  • wertperch says The 18th may be tricky, but I will see what I can do =) No promises, though!
  • Great Neb says shove me down for a maybe on the picnic - saturdays aren't normally good for me but i'll see what i can do

  • Oolong won't be able to make it.
  • Tiefling says I'm afraid I can't make the new meet: I'll be in Australia.
  • heyoka says thanks, but it's unlikely. i'm in london during the week for work, so try and avoid the place at the weekends...i'd like to, but, non-working time back at home is so precious at the moment.
  • blubelle says sorry! i can't make it! :-( I miscalculated dates... I hope you all have a lovely time though...

/msg me or add a writeup if you can be there, have a good venue idea or have any other suggestions!

call says Yo. I've cancelled my planned Cambridge meet, and recommended your sensible thing instead... the baton passes to you, carry it well my friend :) Well, my Cambridge thing was originally an idea that snowballed just a *little*.

I didn't plan this. I'm not in charge, not trying to herd cats just taking notes and trying to balance this thing. It was astonishing how soon it came together as soon as we knew that mkb could only meet on that particular afternoon. I've been wating to meet noders for a while, so I suggested it, and before I know it it had snowballed into a nodermeet. What fun!
mkb says re The Sensible Thing: yo, i still need some travel plan figgering. is not being cooperative! :(


The sensible thing started early. mkb called me just before 2am, having missed his train due to air trafic control chaos. After waking up and working out what was going on, I suggested he come to the couch of my digs in West Ham.

Myself and mkb were in the park at 2pm, under the cloud and wind, the rain having stopped. There we met catchpole. And an hour later, booya. We were starting to think that that would be it, when spiregrain oolong, call, (darsi), bol, theLady, ascorbic and PrincessLouLou and finally decimeter showed up. Some sunshine even happened. We talked about various noder topic, and made jokes, tried to decrypt each other's accents. I'll try harder not to throw things at (darsi), even if she does tell such nasty jokes.

After 5pm, mkb had to go to meet his techno-friends.

When it got got darker and we ran out of pimm's, spiregrain led us to a pub. Half of us got lost, and many phone calls were needed to rendesvous. It was loud and dark in there. We found a second pub, and a third one, which suited our needs for a warm place to talk better.

The brits insisted that the next meet must involve karaoke. I said I'd only do that if Sisters of Mercy or New Model Army tunes were on the box.

I headed home around 10:30 pm.

mkb I'm not a goa-hippie any more. I got tired of it after the millenium, got a haircut and packed away my tie-dies.