If you are seeing an image in a browser, it is already on your hard drive. Web sites should work with the medium, with the fact that they are sending the data to your browser, not be all anal-retentive to their users. Disallowing save by disabling right-click is a pathetic hack, like disabling a car by putting duct tape over the ignition key slot.

Enter Mozilla, designed for the convenience of you the user, not as a free giveaway aimed at selling your gaze to advertizers. Here are two ways to here's how to extract images from your browser cache without a right-click. Both worked in Mozilla 1.1 to 1.3 on Windows XP.

Method 1: Page properties.

  • Load the page.
  • On the view menu, open the page info dialog
  • Go the the media tab to view the page's embedded images, and other embedded files.
  • click on the pretty URLs until you see the desired image in the preview box below.
  • Click Save as to save the image.
Method 2: Save the page.
  • On the File menu, chose Save Page As. Make sure that the save as type dropdown is Web Page, complete
  • Save the page in a place where you can find it. Mozilla is smart enough to also save the page's linked files such as images, and to fiddle the links in the saved page to point to the saved files. This is so that the saved page can be correctly displayed when the computer is not on the net. These linked files will be saved in a new subdirectory called pagename_files.
  • The images are now on your hard drive outside of the browser cache. You can either view the page at a later date in it's entirety, or copy out the images that you want and delete the rest.