A log of the last few days.

On Saturday night we left P-'s place at 7pm to see the St Patrick's day fireworks and ate an uninspiring pizza at the Bad ass cafe in Temple Bar. Just Bad cafe is what it was. It was now nearly 8pm so we went down to the river Liffey to see the fireworks. The fireworks turned out to be further downriver, and the crowds didn't let us get much further along the river bank. We could see reflections of fireworks on the larger buildings. Doh.

We cut down sidestreets and ended up watching some of the larger fireworks in the finale from between buildings before going for a couple of pints.

The St Patrick's day parade on Sunday had some brilliantly surreal things in the procession, but it was cold and wet so we headed back quite rapidly and did not stay for the live music. We had excellent Japanse food at waggamama, with steamed soya beans. Great!

In the evening, a takeaway got us better pizza than saturday.

Today, monday, the weather was better so I headed for Howth, a nice little seaside town for final sightseeing. The boat trip around the island of Ireland's eye was cool. Back in dublin I returned to waggamama. great stuff!

Tomorrow I leave Dublin Ireland for London England. The negative thing is that I am leaving this great little place, and all it's modern yet traditional charm. The positive is that I will be in the bright lights and big city of London, where many people that I know live, where there are more career options, where as Captain Trash remarked, it seems like everything is happening.