We were on a pilgrimage north (an echo of the real world). We were going to travel the length of Africa in order to bathe in the suez canal.

When we got there, it was not in the deserts of the middle east, more like the rocky arid karoo, with brown shrubs sweltering in the heat. The canal was a ditch of dirty water about ten meters across.

I asked if he was sure that this really was the suez canal, and if they get those big ships down here. Could oil tankers fit down this thing?.

The water really was very dirty, stagnant and warm from being such a small body, reddish in tint. There was some garbage in it, and I didn't want to go into it. Perhaps the real canal, larger and full of fresh cold blue seawater was just a bit further on.

Conciously I don't do much wordplay, but it seems that my dreaming mind does it from time to time. Sewers canal. Is my subconcious telling me that I will go north and wade in a river of Filth. It is worth noting that both cities (Dublin, London) that i will visit are based around a river (Liffey, Thames) whereas my hometown, Cape Town, is not.

I wanted to look up "suez canal" on E2 to learn if it really was this narrow and shallow, and perhaps do a writeup if there wasn't one.